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Solar Eclipse Information

Solar Eclipse Building Plan

Hollister Middle School


Safety Precautions:

  • All students will have CE and ISO certified eclipse glasses to wear to view the eclipse.

  • Teachers will be instructed on safety procedures that they will communicate to all students.

  • Permission slips have gone out to all parents.  No students will be allowed to view the eclipse without parent or guardian permission.


Viewing Times:

  • Students will be leaving the building around 1:05 (5th hour) and return around 1:25 (6th hour)

  • At the beginning of every hour students will be participating in various activities preparing them for the eclipse!  They will be able to use a pinhole viewer to observe the eclipse from a different perspective as well as collect light data from the Science Journal App.


Other Notes:

  • Parents are welcome to attend school and view the eclipse with their children during the selected viewing times specified above.  Eclipse glasses will be provided for all students, but parents should supply their own eclipse glasses if they plan to attend.